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Connecting Memories through Song



Join in as we sing songs that are meaningful to you! I love creating programs based on your favorite tunes. So clap along, share a story, sing along, or give a little whistle as we come together through the joy of music.


Music & Memories

Music can be one of the greatest forces to help us connect with loved ones. We can explore times long forgotten, share memories, and build new ones through song.


Move &

Time to stretch your body! Whether wheelchair bound or aided by a walker, this group integrates music and movement in a fun and creative way.



Is it Happy Hour? Perhaps a Birthday Party Celebration? Whether catering towards themed events or anticipating a large crowd there is always an opportunity to bring everyone together with music fit for a party!

Serving healthcare communities

across the

Twin Cities

by providing musical programs to those who need it most


Whether connecting through virtual programming or a modified in-person experience, I will work with each client, family, company, and caregiver to provide a safe, meaningful music experience.

Virtual Activities & Connection Platforms

By finding the right virtual platform for your loved one, we can build a personalized music session that fits their needs!

Piano Sessions

Guitar Sessions

1:1 Sessions

Small & Large Group Sessions

Family Sessions

Singing Sessions

My Approach

Music is a powerful tool. It can speak where words cannot and touches the soul in a meaningful way. I use music as a way to connect people to each other and provide a meaningful experience. During my time as a Music Therapist and Life Enrichment Coordinator, my goal was to use music to achieve non-music based goals: from increasing movement, reminiscing through memories, providing spiritual support, connecting to those with Alzheimer's/Dementia, entertainment for large events and more.

About Me

Since I was a little girl, music shaped my life. With over 25 years of piano experience, I bring my joy of music to the young at heart. I also play guitar and sing. My philosophy is you do not have to have a great singing voice to make a joyful noise. By using all my music talents, I invite everyone to join in a meaningful, musical experience with me!

Kate was different than other entertainers who came in with a general music list to play. Kate took the time to learn from the residents and their families and staff what kind of music they enjoy. If something didn't seem to be working or not getting an interested vibe from the residents she could switch things up in a heartbeat.

Mary S., Nursing Assistant

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