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Musical Interactions to Address Isolation, Loneliness, & Memory Loss

Offering Weekly or Bi-Monthly

30 or 60 minute sessions

During times of social distancing, one of the biggest concerns is isolation and loneliness. We are social creatures and thrive on interactions with those around us. Music helps us express what words cannot and provides meaningful connections to our experiences. I will work with you to provide an experience that both connects and brings meaning through music.

The uncertainty and fear that comes from not knowing when we can come together with our loved ones makes the need for virtual connections vital. While the ways we show love and support may change, connecting on a human level is key. My goal is to create a meaningful musical connection, no matter the age, era, or genre.

Piano, Vocal, & Guitar Lessons with a Personalized Approach

Offering Weekly

30-minute sessions

My approach to creating a quality music environment stems from my early training in the Suzuki method combined with the skills I learned as a Music Therapist.

Engaging students through music theory, scales, posture, positioning, and practice lay the foundation for understanding music. Building in music that is meaningful and moving to them brings them back to their instrument to create it for themselves. The skills we learn through music can also help us achieve our non-music based goals that give us a good quality of life.

As a teacher, I especially love working with students with special needs to build a lesson that supports their daily living goals. I am happy to work with students and their families to identify non-music based goals that we can build into a lesson.

I believe communication is key and will be the driving force in building a quality music relationship for my students. I look for opportunities to improve lesson experience, engage in musical activities, and have those tough conversations when music needs change. At the end of the day, my wish is that students get their "spoonful of sugar" to help the lessons go down and can continue to grow beyond our time together.

Complimentary Consultation & Assessment

30-minute virtual call

 Our first meeting is an opportunity to identify your needs, goals, and determine how best to address them.  My musical background gives me the ability to adjust programming to provide a meaningful music experience wherever you are. 

I will work with you to find the best platform for your needs. We will conduct a virtual call to make sure we can see and hear each other well.  We will ensure the technology piece is simply a means for us to connect and our session is the focus of our time, not the technology.

What About Technology?

30 - 60 minutes for platform identification and troubleshooting

Does the idea of technology overwhelm you? Maybe FaceTime is a breeze while GoogleDuo makes you scratch your head. Regardless of your technological level, we will work together to find a platform that you feel comfortable using for our music sessions.

During our initial consultation, we will identify your comfort level with technology and build from there. Through step by step discussion, we will identify which platform you feel comfortable using, setup a video call, and ensure that we are able to have a quality voice and video conversation.

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