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About Me

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with my Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy and a minor in Business Administration. I spent over a decade working and volunteering in the healthcare community. I stepped into the business world for a time to broaden my experiences. Today, my goal is to serve health communities across the Twin Cities by providing musical programs to those who need it most.


During my time as a Music Therapist and Life Enrichment Coordinator on a Memory Care Unit, I valued the meaningful experiences shared with the residents, family members, and staff through music.  I knew that my love of helping others would guide me to opportunities where I could make a difference. Through musical interaction, my hope is to be the proverbial Mary Poppins that comes in with that "spoonful of sugar" to help the medicine for depression, falls, memory loss and anxiety go down.

My training and experience in various health issues enables me to cater my music to the residents specific needs. Whether the activities are goal-focused or good ol' fashion entertainment, I strive to bring a musical experience that is meaningful and personalized.

  • Memory Care: Dementia & Alzheimer's

  • Secured and Unsecured Men's Behavior Units

  • Geriatric and Long-Term Care

  • Hospice

  • Bed-bound and Comatose Patients

  • Huntington's Disease


  • Young Adult

  • Non-verbal Communication & Interactions

  • Coma Patients

  • PT/OT Collaboration Music Group

  • Daily Living Skills

  • 1:1 Clients

  • Student Piano Lessons


My Approach

I specialize in quality programs for memory care. I believe that it is important to interact with every client at a meaningful level. Not everyone communicates the same way and I provide a bridge through musical interactions.

During my time as a Music Therapist and Life Enrichment Coordinator I built programs for the residents that helped them connect to one another through music and non-music based goals. My music programs were goal-oriented to the needs of the residents: improved moods, minimization of falls, increased memory recall, socialization, lowered pain levels, increased physical activity and more. Throughout these programs I worked to ensure each resident had a meaningful experience or interaction.

My goal is to take what I learned in the nursing home and bring it to individuals and communities throughout the Twin Cities. I will work with the Life Enrichment/Activities Department, care providers, and families to identify your music needs. My piano, guitar and singing skills can be utilized for both large and small group settings. I want to work with you to identify how I can best support your mission.

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